Hello Witches, Wizards and Muggles,

I am really new to making blogs and websites. Frankly, I’m ‘as dumb as an onion’ with this kind of thing, so excuse me please. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to make some kind of awesome website that would not have a due date and would give me time to improve. I saw my friends blogging and wanted to do that, so I practically forced one of my friends, a Hen who lives in a Pen, to tell me how to work it. Here I am now!

Well, if you just click on ‘Info about my blog’ on the menu bar or whatever you call it, you will be able to see what my blog is about. NOt that my blog has really started yet, but when it does you will want to read the ‘Info about my blog’, just in case you might suffer from what my blog is about. I don’t want people to be flicking through blogs for a whole half hour and realise that they really, really do not like it. Ok, so long, magical and imaginative people!

Butter Beer

Half a mo’! I will just add my friends that I know so far…. ok:

G.C- http://theultimatehowto.wordpress.com
G.J.- http://historyromp.wordpress.com
Can my other friends please give me theirs? Thanks 😛
Finite Incantatem and Collaportus! Whoops, I don’t know how to get the writing back to normal size…. Awkward 😛
I could say Engorgio… our first magical miracle! __++***++__