Hello fellow bloggers again,

I must apologise for my lack of commitment, but as it is october holidays down here in the southern hemisphere, my family have taken an extremely tiresome, Muggle-some way of travelling to our holiday destination. It comes in the form of a car, and takes about a day to journey from one destination to another. I envy the Ministry’s power of making Portkeys. Well, I make the Unbreakable Vow that I will add more to this plain blog by the end of the holidays.

Anyhow, I am very happy because before I went away, my mother and I visited a shop we haven’t been to for many years. I purchased a robe, a spare wand that looks remarkably like Harry Potter’s, and a pair of very large, round glasses. For the fun of it, I also bought two Lego sets: one of the infamous Knight Bus and another of a section of our beloved magical, British school, Hogwarts. Lego is not very useful, but quite fun in the making and enjoyable. The only problem is, after a while if you don’t get in and buy a certain set, the company will stop selling that set. Sometimes you can make deals on Ebay or with generous friends, but do not rely on websites too much. Things do not always go your way. This can be very annoying for me at least when you look back and see all the lego you have missed out on. 😦

My, it seems to be the Dementors’ breeding season! Rain, low temperatures, the whole lot! Well, keep your wands out everyone, and keep up a good supply of chocolate! If in danger of the Dementor’s Kiss, make sure that you have this useful spell up your sleeve: Expecto Patronum! It helps if you think of a very strong, happy memory. It’s a very advanced spell though, so best leave the trouble to your parents. 😛

Well, until next time!

Butter Beer