Hello all magical and non-magical bloggers,

To ALL of you: I am very sorry if I have shocked you with the impression that I have ‘dropped dead’, the cause of breaking my so-called ‘Unbreakable Vow’. None of you have mentioned it, but I would just like to relieve you of your grief (if you have any, that is, as you obviously knew I was alive [perhaps not so obvious to other people…:P]). Continuing: on “Hopeless Happenings”, Gobbledegok, that witty little critter, was cheeky enough to mention that I have broken my Vow. Well, getting to how I am alive, I must emphasise that this so-called ‘Unbreakable Vow’, is not real and therefore has not affected me in the slightest, as you MAY like to know. For you non-magical people, this is why:

*It was created online
*There was no Bonder
*There was no person for me to grip hands with
*There were no questions or answers asked, merely a statement
*The process did not include wands, merely the tapping of buttons which, I assure you to the full extent of my firm, reliable knowledge, does not have any part in a magical process

I hope you are convinced now! Anyhow, you should be anyway as I am alive and typing this right now, not my ghost (ghosts cannot handle things like humans and therefore cannot type) when I wouldn’t be if I had made a real Vow. Well, for all the ‘Vows’ I make in the future, please feel reassured that I will not die because of breaking them as they are NOT REAL.

Well, on a more interesting subject…


Christmas is in a week! And how many days are there in a week?


Did you know: 7 is the most powerful, magical number of all? No wonder J.K.Rowling wrote 7 books about Harry Potter and Voldemort created 7 Horcruxes, believing that this would make him invincible and indestructible.

So, these 7 days, you will receive one magical thing each day on this very blog, be it an experience, piece of information, a website, a list, you name it! I probably will not be able to do one thing each day, but at the end of this magical, Christmas week, I assure that you will have seen/experienced/found 7 very magical things, whatever they may be!

For this event, I would appreciate if you would put up at least one idea as I may run out of them, or spend too much time on one (it is quite frustrating when that happens). Don’t worry though, I DO have some ideas, I am not quite that simple.

Well, if you do not have enough time left today, I would appreciate if you would think of this as your first treat: knowing I am alive, and giving you something to look forward to!

I know that isn’t much, but it is a start.

Well, for now…

Finite Incantatem!