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So, quickly jumping into the short or not so short 3rd section of this magical week as we are little behind schedule…

Every witch and wizard will one day be chosen by a wand shortly before they begin school, which is vital or otherwise performing magic will be almost impossible, unless you are able to control your emotions without a wand. All this will happen, unless you are disabled or seriously injured and have to live at St. Mungo’s for the rest of your life. But that’s not very likely.

Now, hopefully you are not a Squib, or otherwise you will not live to your full extent as a magical being. So here is a list of all the spells from the Harry Potter series, as historyromp requested quite a while ago. These spells will help you find jobs, pass tests, attack and defend yourself from opponents…:

This is in alphabetical order, and all of these spells are only from the books, not the movies or games and none were invented. (and that << is not a spell)

Accio ___ – A Summoning Charm. It Summons anything you mention and comes to your aid almost immediately.
Aguamenti – Conjures water.
Alohomora – Unlocking Charm. Unlocks most locks.

The Atmostpheric Charm gives off weather effects, or something like that. The incantation is not given.

Anapneo – Clears blocked airways.

The Anti-Disapparation Jinx stops the target from Apparating to somewhere else. The incantation is not given.

The Antler Jinx makes the victim grow antlers. The incantation is not given.

Aparecium – Revealing Charm. Reveals invisible ink.
Avada Kedavra – One of the 3 deadly Unforgivable Curses, the Killing Curse. Kills the victim, and, unforgivably, it immediately lands you in the wizard prison Azkaban. When cast, it gives off a vivid green light.
Avis – Avis Charm. Conjures a few birds from the tip of your wand.

The Babbling Charm causes the victim to babble. The incantation is not given.

The Banishing Charm is the opposite of the Summoning Charm (see Accio). Sends objects away. The incantation is not given.

The Bat-Bogey Hex makes the opponent’s ‘bogeys’ bat-size and make’s them grow wings. The incantation is not given.

The Bedazzling Hex bedazzles the other person. (I think, possibly…) The incantation is not given.

The Braking Charm allows broomsticks to stop effectively. The incantation is not given.

The Bubblehead Charm produces a kind of bubble around your head so you can breathe air without breathing the air outside of the bubble. The incantation is not given.

The Caterwauling Charm is a kind of alarm that gives off a caterwauling sound when an unwelcome person enters a zone that’s been cast upon. The incantation is not given.

Cave Inimicum – A defensive protection spell.
Colloportus – Locking Charm. Locks doors.
Confringo – The Blasting Curse. Blasts things out of your way.
Confundo – The Confundus Charm. Confuses the victim who is hit.

The Conjunctivitis Charm affects the eyesight of the victim. The incantation is not given.

Crucio – One of the 3 deadly Unforgivable Curses, the Cruciatus Curse. Causes the victim to feel excruciating pain, and can even give them brain damage if the predator goes overboard. Again, it immediately lands you in the wizard prison Azkaban.

The Cushioning Charm is cast on brooms so that the flyer can fly more comfortably. The incantation is not given.

Descendo – Makes something move downwards.
Defodio – Gouges through things.
Deletrius – Erases the sight of Prior Incantato performed on a wand. (See Prior Incantato)
Densaugeo – Causes teeth to grow rapidly and continuously.
Deprimo – Blasts a hole through something.
Diffindo – The Severing Charm. Cuts through the object.

The Disillusionment Charm makes the target change its image to the appearance of what is behind them. The incantation is not given.

Dissendium – Opens the hump-backed witch statue to the passageway that leads to the wizard sweet shop, Honeydukes, in Hogsmeade.

The Drought Charm dries up water. The incantation is not given.

Duro – Forces an item to change into stone.

Enervate – Revives an unconscious person.
Engorgio – The Engorgement Charm. Increases the size of the target.
Episkey – Heals an injury.
Erecto – Sets up the object straight.
Evanesco – The Vanishing spel..
Expecto Patronum – The Patronus Charm.
Expelliarmus – The Disarming Charm. Sends the object a person is holding in their hand flying, usually a wand, so therefore they are ‘disarmed’.
Expulso – Blows up the target.

Ferula – Conjures bandages out of thin air.

The Fidelius Charm allows a location to be hidden from others, as long as the hidden do not let the secret be known to others, otherwise it will quickly be spread. The incantation is not given.

Finite /+ Incantatem – Stops the continuation of a spell effect.
Flagrate – The caster will be able to manipulate a line of fire with their wand.
Furnunculus – Gives the victim boils all over the face.

Geminio – Creates a double of the target cast upon.

Glisseo – Changes the target into a smooth slide.

The Hair-Lengthening Charm lengthens and thickens the victim’s hair. The incantation is not given.

Homenum Revelio – Reveals the presence of another being in an area.

The Homorphus Charm changes a werewolf back into its former human shape. The incantation is not given.

The Hover Charm makes an object ‘hover’. The incantation is not given.

The Hurling Hex makes a broom attempt to hurl its rider off.

Impedimenta – Temporarily slows a being down.
Imperio – One of the 3 Unforgiveable curses, the Imperius Curse. The caster will be able to manipulate the being cast upon to do anything. Again, the use of this spell will immediately land you in the wizard prison Azkaban.

The Imperturbable Charm can be cast upon doors to prevent eavesdropping. The incantation is not given.

Impervius – Deflects water from the surface of the target cast upon.
Incarcerous – Causes thick ropes to wrap around a target.
Incendio – Creates fire.

The Invisibility Charm makes a target invisible.

The Jelly-Legs Jinx makes the vitim’s legs wobble like ‘jelly’.

Langlok – Glues the target’s tongue to their mouth so they cannot speak.
Legilimens – Enables the caster to see into the victim’s mind and experience randomly some of their memories.
Levicorpus – Hangs a person upside down in the air by their ankle.
Liberacorpus – The counter-jinx of Levicorpus.
Locomotor ___ – Moves an object.
Locomotor Mortis – The Leg-Locker Curse. Locks a person’s legs together.
Lumos – Ignites the tip of the caster’s wand to produced light.

Meteolojinx Recanto – Stops a spell causing rain.
Mobiliarbus – Moves an object, most likely just plants or trees.
Mobilicorpus – Moves a body.
Morsmordre – Sends the Dark Mark into the sky, a huge skull and green sparks.
Muffliato – Fills the ears of people nearby with a strange buzzing.

Nox – Extinguishes the light created from Lumos.

The Obliteration Charm obliterates traces left from someone.

Obliviate – A Memory Modifying Charm.
Obscuro – Creates a blindfold to obscure someone’s vision.
Oppugno – Makes a bunch of conjured creatures attack someone.
Orchideous – Creates a bunch of flowers.

Petrificus Totalus – The Body-Bind Curse. The victim goes completely rigid, except they are able to breathe (of course) and look around with their eyes.
Peskipiksi Pesternomi – A spell to use against pixies that Lockhart probably made up, as it did not work and does not seem very similar to all other spells.
Piertotum Locomotor – A Locomotor spell that animates statues and armour.
Point Me – The Four-Point spell which, when cast, makes your wand spin around in you FLAT hand and stops when it is pointing north.
Portus – Turns an object into a Portkey.
Prior Incantato – Shows the last spell performed by another wand.
Protego – The Shield Charm. Creates a magical barrier/shield that protects the caster from spells. Can also be used to create a barrier between others.
Protego Totalum – Probably a stronger version of Protego, or maybe permanent instead of temporary.

Quietus – The opposite of Sonorus, levels the volume of your voice out to normal.

Reducio – The opposite of Engorgio, reduces the victim’s size to normal.
Reducto – The Reductor Curse. Blasts objects out of your way.

The Refilling Charm refills a container.

Relashio – Gives off red sparks.
Reenervate – Revives an unconscious person.
Reparo – Repairing Charm. Repairs broken things.
Repello – Repels things from you.
Repello Muggletum – A Muggle Repelling Charm. Repels Muggles from the area where the spell is cast.

The Revulsion Jinx forces anything hanging on to the caster to get off or if nearby, back away.

Rictusempra – The Tickling Charm. Gives the target a tickling sensation and makes them laugh uncontrollably.
Riddikulus – The Boggart Banishing spell. Cast when the wizard is imagining the Boggart in a hilarious form which would provoke laughter, the only way to truly defeat a Boggart.

Salvio Hexia – A defensive protection spell used when hiding.
Scourgify – Cleans.
Sectumsempra – Injures the victim severely by cutting them.
Serpensortia – Conjures a serpent out of thin air.
Silencio – The Silencing Charm. Silences another by muting their voice.
Sonorus – Magnifies the volume of the caster’s voice so it can be heard over long distances.
Specialis Revelio – Identifies the ingredients in a potion.
Stupefy – The Stunning Spell. Stuns the victim unconscious.

The Stinging Hex stings the victim, making them swell up from the stings. The incantation is not given.

Tarantallegra – Sends the victim’s legs into a continuous, unstoppable, fast dance.
Tergeo – Siphons or removes a substance from something.

The Tongue-Tying Curse ‘ties’ up your tongue to prevent you from letting slip a piece of information. The incantation is not given.

The Trip Jinx makes the victim trip and fall. The incantation is not given.

The Twitchy Ears Hex makes the victim’s ears twitch uncontrollably. The incantation is not given.

The Unbreakable Charm makes objects unbreakable.

The Unbreakable Vow is an oath made between two people holding hands, with another wizard/witch who is the Bonder, bonding the two and their promises together. There is no incantation that we know of.

Waddiwasi – Shoots gum out of keyholes.
Wingardium Leviosa – The Levitation Charm. Levitates the object/being cast upon. Hint: Swish and Flick!


Well, they are all the spells I know so good luck with practising and using them in the future! (perhaps not alllll the spells, though.)

Finally, this section is finished so quickly moving on:

Finite Incantatem!