Welcome Fellow Bloggers to another Belated Magical Day!

This is the 4th section of this magical week, and it is really something. But, I am probably posting this way too late. Well…

On the 19th of November, a very special thing happened in the city of Sydney: the Powerhouse Museum opened the Harry Potter exhibition. It. Was. AWESOME.

Anyway. At the opening, Jamie and Oliver Phillips (the actors who have the role of Fred and George Weasley) came to celebrate this event. The tickets for that night were very expensive, but not as much now it has been going on for a while.

Anyhow, in the exhibition, you will:

-See Mr.Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia and a duplicate of the Hogwarts Express
-See lots of real props, such as the sword of Gryffindor, Buckbeak, wands, Dementors, the Angel of Death statue, the Deathly Hallows, an Acromantula and much much more!
-See loads of costumes: Quidditch costumes, Beauxbaton Academy, Durmstrang, Yule Ball dress robes, staff robes, Death Eater robes and more!
-Throw Quaffles through the goal hoops in the ‘Quidditch pitch’
-Watch trailers, interviews, scenes from the movies and magical oil paintings
-Have a photo and buy it for $20 in its Harry Potter edited version
-So much more stuff I cannot even type down
-Visit places

Right. Now nothing, I repeat, NOTHING in the shop will be cheap. The cheapest price is $5, so bring LOADS of money. And I am talking about at least $100, because I spent $125 and now I wish I had bought more Chocolate Frogs. 😦

Well, here are the costs I remember:

Chocolate Frogs with Collectible Wizard Cards – $5
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – $5
Hedwig Bookmark – $5
Movie Scene Character Bookmark – $5
Wand-Pen and Bookmark – $12
Harry Potter Photo of yourself – $20
Harry Potter Exhibition Guide Book – $25 (I think)
Black Hogwarts Cap – $25
Note: I think House beanies and scarves are around $25. Just a guess.
Black Hogwarts Tote Bag – $35
Harry Potter Album Cover to go with your Photo – $40
Red Gryffindor T-Shirt Women’s Small – $40
Note on T-shirts: I think they are all the same price or with a difference of $5 or $10. The house
T-shirts have their house crest on it. The background can be in the house colour or white.
Black Hogwarts Hoodies – $40 (I think)
Marauder’s Map – $50 (I think)

You can also buy wands but I didn’t look hard to see the price. I think the black Quidditch T-shirts may have been $40 as well. Anyway, it was awesome. Now, something even more awesome, but it is unfortunately to tell you right now. Well, last night and tonight the powerhouse museum have organised a SLEEPOVER AT THE EXHIBITION FOR CHILDREN AGED 5-14.

But, I’m not rich so unfortunately, I couldn’t go. Well click here to see the details.

When you go, remember: bring an overflowing wallet and maybe even one of your Harry Potter costumes for the Photo. 😛

Have fun!

Oh, and before we move on… I wouldn’t mind to trade some of my money for your Chocolate Frogs. 😛 I only bought 3, you see. 😛

If you are at the exhibition right now, tell me what it is like, because you are one lucky duck.

Goodnight sleep tight and I hope you’ll wake up to a wonderful Christmas morning tomorrow! 😛 And you are extra lucky if you get to see snow outside your window. I’ve only ever seen it on TV, unfortunately. In fact, I am watching Carols by Candlelight right now on Channel 9 and it was ‘snowing’. Can people tell me what snow is like and how cold it is if you have gear on and what snowball fights are like and building snowmen…
Well, no more of my rambling. Have an awesome Christmas, enjoy the lunch and dinner and your presents! Merry Magical Christmas Eve! 😛