Hello all you santa-hat-wearing bloggers! (if you are not wearing one and you are reading this, go put one on RIGHT NOW)

I say this, because, of course you know, well, you must know, you have to know, by this time in your life, at your age, not saying you are old and wrinkly or anything otherwise you will not be able to read this with your eyesight…





So, I hope you have all put on your hats by now and decorated your house, or at least put up a Christmas tree!!! (And bought me my pressies, mum :P)

Because magicaldeluxesugarquills has been decorating as well! (well, change of appearance, basically…) However, I am not so sure which theme is better to use in this situation: Iceburgg or Vermilion Christmas. So I just chose the latter, as it is more colourful… what do you think? Put you opinions down and let me know please!