Hello Bloggers,

Just so you bloggers out there do not have to suffer or miss out on anything, I’m going to tell you about my blog so that you won’t be reading it for ages (not that it has really developed yet; it’s only been two days and I’m a REALLY busy person).

Ok, so, one thing I am absolutely obsessed with is Harry Potter. Note: not the ACTOR, but the AUTHOR, BOOKS, MOVIES and MERCHANDISE and THEME PAARRRKK! Well, cos you can’t get anymore awesome than that. Even Twilight, with all those girls crazy about Edward Cullen, has gotten old (except for the booklovers, e.g. my mum). BTW, Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson is actually Cedric Diggory, so for Twilight lovers: either ring out or change your opinions. Wait, g2g so bye. Lata


Ok, back again! Well, you get the point, Harry Potter is my LIFE. The first movie I ever remember watching is HARRY POTTER. My mum found she was pregnant with me in Orlando, where the theme park is. I even have a scar on my forehead.

My blog will be about Harry Potter info and crafty awesome stuff so if you want to knit, sew, cook, or know something really awesome or just want to know everything about Harry Potter, please feel free to read my blog. Well, I guess that is kinda the point of having a blog, but… oh well. So, let the fun begin!

To you impatient people out there, remember that I am a very busy person, so give me some quality time please.

Also, I need help. I want to put an image up but can’t exactly fit it in with the theme…. can you edit themes? Please tell me. Thanks 😛