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Just a Heads-Up…

Just a Heads-Up…

I decided to change this blog to “A Break with a Bit o’ Butterbeer”, as I THINK it makes more sense instead of “A Bite with a Bit o’ Butterbeer”. Well, I think it should make more sense to you guys…

Let me know what you think! (and I was just wondering if it is still too much of a mouthful… o.O)



Hello fellow friends! 😛

So, tomorrow afternoon I am leaving for America, and I was thinking about a blog, and what I should name it, and I thought about Travelling, and then I thought about Travelling with Trolls, and then… BLANK. ________

Yep. You thought i was going to be soooo AMAZING, and now u r disappointed, and so am I. 😦

So, just let me think for a while…


Adventures in America!

Yeah, that’s good… Ok thanks for your help!

But now I will explain about the site…: There will be no mention of magic in this blog, as the part where I go the HARRY POTTER THEME PARK will be in this blog, so it makes sense in the way I write.

I will not be able to blog everyday and probably won’t for the whole trip ( 😥 ) BUT as it is going to be a small blog, it will contain notices on all the places I visit. Okydoky?

There will be a new page ALL about the theme park.

Anyway, I’d start making that blog with only a day left!

Farewell! 😛


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