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Magical Moment!!!!!!! :P

To alll people of this cyber world…

Now is the magical moment where I have used my transfiguration spells (hemhem wordpress settings… :P) to officially transform magicaldeluxesugarquills into…

(magic drumroll…)

A Bite with a Bit o’ Butterbeer!” [:P I like butterbeer. :P] (and no the segment in the square-ish brackets is not part of the title, including this)

Enjoy this moment everyone! Because I am. 😛

Anyway, I need to go, so here I am signing off for now:


p.s. pls tell me what u think of the new title


To all food-loving, magic-interested bloggers of this world…

Gingerbread houses have been coming up a lot around here, recently. So I searched the web, and found the most AH-MAZING cake ever….

wait for it…

wait for it…

wait for it…

it’s coming…



alright FINE here it is:

here are some more views:

Now that’s really something. Anyway, I have almost no experience with cooking and baking awesome gingerbread houses, so I’ll just give you the link to the page on this website that as all the stuff:

Simple yummy Gingerbread House Recipe Page

By the way, this woman says making gingerbread houses can take quite a while if you start from scratch or something, so, beware! But I am sure the result will be delicious.


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